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1) No Metagaming.
2) RDMing will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
3) When mugging you must give the victim 10 seconds to drop the money.
4) Propblocking spawn will result in a permanent ban. 
5) Propblocking/Propsurfing/Propkilling is not allowed.
6) Weed health is limited only to 500 health. If you go over your health will be set to 500. Or slayed if you attempt to raid with over that amount.
7) Mass RDMing is strictly prohibited and will result in a two week ban.
8) Bases can only consist of 3 keypads or a mix of both Doors and Keypads, but you may only have three total; If you have a large gang you still must abide by this rule. Default is 2 keypads and 1 for vault.
9) Spawn Killing will not be tolerated and will result in a 2 week ban.
10) Any exploits, hacking, glitching to get an unfair advantage will result in a ban or permanent depending on the situation.
11) NLR is 3 minutes.
12) Hitman can only accept one task and one kill every hit.
13) Pornographic sprays will not be tolerated and will result in a day ban.
14) Impersonating staff will result in a permanent ban.

15) Terrorist Bombs are strictly only used for raiding, any other use will lead to a ban.

16) Bombs can only be used once every 20 minutes, excessive use will lead to a ban.

17) You cannot Raid or Bomb somebody when they have a Building Sign outside there home.

18) Randomly shooting people with a Taser Gun is not allowed under any circumstances and will result in a demotion or kick.

19) As a Bounty Hunter, you can only accept bounties from Government Officials. Any failure to comply will result in a job ban and noted as an RDM upon completion of kill.

20) Self Supplying is illegal and will result in a ban of your current job.

21) Any valuables while a building sign is up will result in a destruction of your current valuables and, or a kick. (Ban may occur depending on severity)

22) Mercenary's can only raid people if someone paid them to raid someone certain, they cannot raid for personal gain. Any false raids will result in a banning of the Mercenary Job/Member job and a ban.

23) Creatures cannot go outside the sewers.

24) Creatures are KOS and can be killed on sight above or underground. 

25) Creatures are allowed to kill anyone who is in the sewers.


1) Terrorists and Police and Government Officials are allowed to initiate a war between one another, but both sides have to agree to the war and both sides have to agree when to peace.
2) Parkour is allowed. (NO Propclimbing with your own props)
3) Kill lines are allowed on your property.
4) If anyone comes onto your owned building you are allowed to open fire.
5) You can kill anyone in a raid, whether they're armed or not.

6) Anyone can raid turf, but if you're a gang member you can permanently take the property.

!MOTD = This Page
!Menu = ULX Menu
/Agenda Example = Advert In OOC

!G Example = Gang Chat Only

!Gang = Gang Menu

!Placehit = Government Bounty Hunter Menu

!Party = Party System Menu

/P = Party Chat Only

!Acv = Achievement Page

!Wmc = Wyozi Media Center
Bomb's are exploded manually using firearms. 

Hitman is disguised as citizen class! So keep your eye's peeled at all times.



1) Raiding as an Admin On Duty.
2) Advance Duping other player's creations.
3) Giving out Admin Only tools.

4) No-Clipping into bases that have a Building Sign is allowed, if they do not and you still pursue this will result in a permanent demotion. If asked to leave when inside a place being built you must leave.

5) Ignoring all player's when something is occurring and only caring about yourself if something happens to you.

6) All rules still apply to you.

7) No abusive Games or Events that will interfere with MOTD Rules.

8) No setting your Health when Roleplaying.

9) No giving people No-Clip or Donator only Jobs.

10) Do not change Server Settings.

11) No giving out Spawned Weapons or Spawning weapons for yourself.

12) No Trolling; when not on Admin on Duty, you must be role playing with the community.

13) You cannot make up rules on spot, if it is not within the MOTD it is allowed, if a rule should be added speak with a Super-Admin or Owner.

14) You must remain professional and loyal to the server at all times. Being rude to our members/staff for no reason can lead to a ban.

15) Randomly physgunning players is disrespectful and uncalled for and will also lead to a ban.

Gang Permissions


1) Eligibility to tag turf, meaning you can secure off a rode with props or rope (KOS Line). Anyone that goes past your turf can be killed. But the turf must be tagged with rope, or props. Turf must also include a Wire Text Screen that says "Gang Name's Turf". Turf can be overtaken and used by another gang if taken over.

2) Able to sell protection. Registered gangs and gang members can sell protection to local businesses for profit. If your store is protected you must use a wire text screen that says "Shop protected by GANG NAME" so we will know who can kill your raiders and such.

3) If you're a Leader of a gang, you can initiate a Gang War against another by doing /advert "Accept Gang War ENEMY GANG NAME HERE, do you accept?" If accepted both sides are allowed to kill each other how ever much they want. To end a gang war both teams must accept and cease fire.

4) Allies can be formed by two Gang Leaders, but it must be stated in the Gang's MOTD. Any kind of multiple raid with two gangs must get an "Admin Consent" to accept the combining gangs to infiltrate a building together to know that they're a formed team and not someone random outside the gang.

5) If you notice a fellow member being attacked you can help them.

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